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Your Freelance Career is Your Business

Buzzzy 's Team

Congratulations! if you’ve chosen to start freelancing at any capacity, full time or on the side! Kudos for taking that leap. By 2030, 50% of the US workforce is projected to join you, and COVID-19 has accelerated the global adoption of working remotely.

Since we started in 2019, we’re committed to working with the freelance economy on all sides, growing within this revolution of work and amplifying the value that this represents for businesses.

At Buzzzy, we acknowledge that freelancers offer their skills and talent in exchange for an hourly or project rate, which means that they should treat it as their business.

Although many clients still look at freelancers as “gig workers,” and some freelancers struggle to change that narrative, here’s our take on how you can embrace the fact that your talent is your business.

Set your objectives

You are the CEO of your freelance career. When you speak to your clients, you should know you’re coming forward with the same leverage. You are the decision maker; you can decide whether you want to work with a client or not. Try asking yourself if this is the right client for your time and for your portfolio. The same way a client asks if you’re the right freelancer for their project and organization. It is essential to set expectations based on your objective as a freelancer.

Make sure you understand all the details

Be prepared to ask all the questions that offer you context for your potential clients and projects. It is vital to discuss terms like deadlines, communication expectations, and what they define as a successful working relationship, similar to a job interview process where you decide to apply based on a job description. During your interview, you continue to ask questions to your interviewer while asking yourself if the position and company are the right fit for you.

During our interviews with freelancers, we learned the worst experiences with clients were when clear expectations weren’t set or understood. For example, clients confusing a designed website with having a working website or expecting a freelancer to respond to their requests at all times, like late nights or early mornings. Leave space for open communication explaining how you can help the client if that is the case.

Trust your brand

You are also the lead marketer of your freelance career. It would be best to use every channel and every conversation to promote that you are a freelancer in your niche field. Define your niche or your value proposition to know how to promote yourself. Like a business, this comes a long way for clients to understand what you offer. Think of the brands you shop and like. There are reasons behind why you continue to buy or subscribe to certain things; they offer a value that speaks to you.

We learned in our interviews the way freelancers branded themselves with their clients, whether intentional or not, led to another client via word of mouth. Word of mouth is earned in the experiences freelancers create with every interaction and project delivery. Your brand is just as much your work as it is how you market yourself.

Invest in your development

You are your manager and development driver. Freelancers today have proven to be curious about learning new things, whether through taking courses or taking on challenging projects. In 2020, 68% of freelancers took on training or any related professional education.

Most freelancers in our interviews also agreed on the importance of their network and surrounding themselves with other freelancers. One mentioned missing the aspect of a workplace of having a peer to bounce ideas with and looking for that collaborative environment by meeting another freelancer in a coffee shop or co-working space. Your network or those you choose to surround yourself with also play a role in your development. It inspires Buzzzy in our goal to create a beehive of freelancers, the best network of freelancers the market has to offer.

Keep up with your administrative needs

You are also your administrative assistant, accountant, and many other roles. These are by far the most important but least favorite parts for freelancers; all the administrative work that goes into freelancing. Understanding what goes into your role and how freelancing works is important. Drilling down your different contract terms, invoicing clients, ensuring you are paid, and planning your days with multiple clients. Luckily, today many tools exist that can assist freelancers in their budgeting or time management needs.

Buzzzy exists to be a platform that simplifies these administrative needs for freelancers—removing the headache of planning for your next client or the insecurity of getting paid. We want freelancers to focus on their work, what they know and love best. We go a step further and learn your skill sets to offer curated connections with clients.

Final Thoughts

At Buzzzy, we build a platform that makes it easy for top freelancers to work for themselves. We’re committed to talent receiving 100% of what is owed to them and set rates at market salaries.

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