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Hiring freelancers is a problem

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Finding the right talent is challenging

Why scroll and search when you can match with the professional creative talent you need in no time? Connect with hand-picked fractional creative professionals who suit your project needs.

Wait, "fractional what?" A fractional creative is a skilled and seasoned professional who will accomplish your projects in a strategic and specialized manner. We make it easy to hire the freelancers you need.

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Hiring freelancers is a problem

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Submit your project

Go to our form and provide all the details, including project objectives, insights, deadline, talent needed, stimuli and budget.

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Here's where the magic happens! Our smart algorithm uses your inputs to match you with the right freelancer within 24 hours.

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Once we connect you, start your project by confirming your payment. Manage tasks and communication directly from our platform.


Why our clients think we’re awesome

Jubal Rodríguez

CEO of BluePath

"Working with Buzzzy was a great experience. I liked that they were very knowledgeable in the space and took great interest in learning the needs of my project and figuring out a way to make it work with my budget."

Rubén Ramírez

Founder of Self-Made Designer

"I like the idea of ​​"concierge". Solopreneurs like myself are interested in maximizing time and building income production systems that are as passive as possible. In that sense, having Buzzzy take care of my needs is a plus."

Mara Liz Meinhofer

Founder of Academia Claridad Financiera

“I’m grateful that despite not having a creative jargon, Buzzzy's fractional creatives made my dreams come true. They were a bridge to achieve the desires I had for my brand. So freaky happy with Buzzzy and its creatives.”

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