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What is an MVP and What Does it Mean for Buzzzy?

Buzzzy 's Team

Building Buzzzy has been an amazing journey for us, all the tweaks, many finishing touches, and preparation to launch our MVP. Our current product allows business owners to submit their requests and get connected to talent in less than 24 hours. We are envisioning something bigger so we acknowledge that there is much more to build, but we’re prepared to take our technology to market and continue iterating with user feedback.

So far, we have asked our waiting list what excites them the most about Buzzzy, and here are the top insights:

- “Finding new freelance talent fast”

- “Connect with other creatives while help realize client’s vision”

We’re excited for our MVP and want to share what an MVP is, and what it means for us! For more details, read on and access to our product, sign up on our waitlist and we’ll get in touch with you.

What is an MVP

MVP or ‘Minimum Viable Product’ is a first iteration of a product that satisfies the problem being solved. It is functional, reliable, usable and has enough emotional design for first users to connect with. It’s where all companies have started out. For Buzzzy, our product aims to make connections easier so you can find the talent you need in less than one day, and our current request process does just that.

A great example of an MVP is a personal favorite company, Zappos. This company is known for its exceptional customer service, and being one of the first e-commerce sites born out of the dotcom era. Zappos' focus was on selling footwear online, and shipping it to users, in a world of physical retail. Its MVP, launched in 1999, where the founder, Nick Swinmurn, sold shoes online via photos taken at physical stores, but without an actual inventory. His goal was to prove there was an appetite to buy footwear online. Once a user purchased an item on Zappos, Nick and his team would buy the item at a retailer and handle the shipping to the user. To a customer, it gets the business model and process across. It allowed a company like Zappos, to continue to build its case for a viable business. Today, Zappos is owned by Amazon, where it was acquired for $1.2 Billion. Name your favorite company, and you’ll find they all started with their own definition of an MVP.

Buzzzy's MVP or Our Request Process

Our product offerings are built based on our research interviews, where we found the average time spent to find freelance talent was a week. We learned the current process and clutter that businesses go through to find talent, taking them away from the tasks that are more important for them. We also learned that once the talent is found, it does not guarantee quality work. To solve these problems, we created a product that differentiates by saving time in finding the right freelance talent, and making connections based on their experiences and skills. We went a step further, and freelanced ourselves to learn the process assuring to build a successful product.

We took the learnings, and created a request form for businesses to share their projects, and we’ve built an algorithm that fulfills connections under 24 hours. We also onboarded highly skilled freelancers to launch with and are prepared to represent Buzzzy’s values and commitment to create a better experience for business So far we have 4 clients, here’s what our clients have said about our freelance pool:

- “The work was of very high caliber... I greatly appreciate the effort, dedication and attention to detail.”

- “I was very impressed by the quality of work.”

As I said before, Buzzzy’s MVP is live, and we’re excited to grow with each interaction. We’re currently scaling our talent and working to expand our capacity to accept more clients. We invite you to join our waitlist for access to our product.

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