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What Buzzzy looks for in freelance talent?

Buzzzy 's Team

Buzzzy is a one-stop-shop freelance marketplace that removes all the clutter to save businesses time. A key to making it work is adding top freelancers to our network. We value creativity, excellent service to others, and having freelancers who fulfill excellence plays a big part. To further explain our vetting process, we want to share what we look for specifically in freelancers and what is needed to become part of our talent set.

Portfolio and Resume Review

Our first step is the most self-explanatory, where we ask for experience and proof of work. Most platforms would stop here, but we want to access your skill level as we accept Mid to Senior level positions. (We're working on ways to add junior-level talent.)

To make sure there are no biases in our process, we'll ask talent to remove any gender or race-related information here. This includes name, location, anything that may consist of a series of these things. Our goal is to review the overall experience and understand the role in each work experience.

We're also very curious and will ask some questions to understand what made you become a freelancer and get to know your pain points up until now. We want to get to know you and what you can bring to the table better.

After that process, based on our client's needs, we'll pass you into our next round in our process. We are committed to being transparent in why we have not passed you to the next round. It may not be a skill set needed for us based on demand, or we cannot accept a skill set level at this time. Our goal is to provide actionable feedback that you can use in your career.

People skills

The next round will include assessing People Skills as Buzzzy defines it. In short, our main question is can this freelancer represent what we stand for in the freelance market? We look for creativity and a growth mindset. In many cases, this is very subjective, but we've created a questionnaire that we hope you will enjoy in this process as much as we do.

Interviews are conducted via Video Ask, so you have access to the question and can take some time to answer. We are doing it this way as we feel like it removes the pressure where interviews look for an on-the-spot response and removes the awkward silence. We know each person is different, so we want to be mindful of that.


Creativity is hard to explain and measure; we acknowledge that. We're interested in how you approach some of your experiences to face clients. We also throw a fun question in there to really get you thinking about yourself and learn more about you.

Growth Mindset

Inspired by Growth Mindset by Carol Dweck, we follow some of the frameworks she explains that show growth mindset qualities. We'll want to know how you deal with conflict and face challenges, and we want to learn how you view your work and your successes. Most importantly, do you have a proactive work ethic? Do you go above and beyond with your colleagues and clients?

Again, all questions are answered when you are ready, as we do not have timers or expect your answers right away. We want the most thoughtful response you can provide, and this is the most important step in our process as this tells us if you are someone that can represent Buzzzy.

Technical skills

Here we will evaluate your skill set to what you had described. We have members of our core team that are designers and content creators to help us evaluate you. We're looking for how you marry your soft skills with your hard skills. We'll also set a deadline for the challenges we ask you to complete. Please bear in mind that meeting these deadlines will be necessary.

With each technical skill, we will measure each talent differently:


We'll ask you to complete a design challenge. It won't be anything relevant to Buzzzy, we promise! Then we'll evaluate how you walk us through your design process.

Content Creators

Since our market includes the US, we'll ask for an English language assessment, which is scored. We'll also ask you to complete a copywriting challenge, which will give us an idea of your creativity. Then we'll evaluate how you walk us through your creative process.


We'll ask you to complete a code challenge. Then we'll evaluate your process and how you walk us through your work.

Ability to work with Buzzzy

The process does not finish here; once you join our set of freelancers, we'll ask each client you work with to provide us feedback. The feedback is regarding Buzzzy's service to them and how you, as a freelancer, collaborated on the project. Quality of service is important to us, we expect freelancers to maintain a 4.2 out of 5 scores to maintain that quality performance. As freelancers fall short of this score, we will work with you to improve. However, we will need to suspend those who consistently fall short. We follow similar practices to ride-sharing apps that expect their drivers to behave at the best standard of customer care.

We want to get to know you

Now that you understand how to become a part of our freelance pool click here to join our waitlist. We'll continue to share how we measure top talent and optimize our process.

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