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4 Reasons to Hire a Freelancer

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For years, companies have chosen to work with freelancers to achieve their company goals. That is why freelancers can bring a lot of value to your company, as they are proven self-driven individuals and invest most in their development. In fact, in 2020, 68% of freelancers took on training or any skilled-related education.

If you are asking yourself, why should you hire a freelancer? We've broken it down into four main reasons. This article can guide when to hire a freelancer and a life cycle building towards a freelancer first approach.

Hire a freelancer for a specific need

The most common reasons to hire a freelancer are for a specific need on a one-off basis, and this is typical among startups that have an immediate need that may not be defined beyond the project. You may also find yourself with a limited amount to invest in a project and hiring a freelancer with a specific skill set that fits your budget. Which is a significant first step for businesses to start working with freelance talent.

At Buzzzy, we work alongside freelancers to bring out the best value possible to each client and connect businesses with freelancers based on the needs described in the request form they will submit before starting a project. The connected freelancer is matched based on their skill sets and past experiences, and we provide a curated matchmaking process to make sure it works out for both sides.  

Complement your team with freelancers

Your company can choose a hybrid approach, where freelancers are instrumental to the overall team. Freelancers offer expertise and experience that a full-time employee may not be able to deliver to your business. The truth of the matter is that freelancers can choose their projects and have the freedom to learn along the way. According to Edelman Intelligence, 51% of freelancers participated in skills training during the pandemic vs. 29% of non-freelancers (full-time employees).

Source: Edelman Intelligence: Freelance Forward 2020

Adding a freelancer to your workstream can also be a way to avoid team burnout. The global pandemic forced all of us to adjust to remote work quickly, and a survey found 52% of employees had felt burnout throughout the pandemic. Remote work has been the norm for most freelancers, and they are accustomed to communicating remotely and delivering work from their own homes. As a matter of fact, 40% of freelancers found themselves consulting and training their clients on remote work culture. On the other end, 29% of freelancers have trained clients to manage projects remotely.

Source: CNBC: The future of work is here; employee burnout needs to go

Buzzzy is a freelance platform that allows businesses to hire talent quicker than they would themselves. Many of the platforms in the market require companies to compare various proposals and look through a list of candidates. We created a vetting process to ensure experienced freelancers in our network and our algorithm connects our talent based on skills and experiences.

Hiring a freelancer helps scale towards your overall goals

Hiring freelancers from the start of the project and making it a part of your process is a significant investment to scale and scale fast. For larger-sized businesses, hiring freelancers and building a trusted network can be core to the growth of the business. We've worked with agencies that use the majority of freelancers to move projects along with project managers or account managers serving as intermediaries, where they define projects and communicate directly with their partners.  

At Buzzzy, we'll find ways to continue working beyond your first project. Our freelancers are proactive in finding the right long-term solution to your initial project request. We've been fortunate to retain clients beyond the first project and facilitate the relationship with our freelancers.

Hire towards a freelancer first approach

Freelancers can offer businesses the quality of an employee without the commitment required, which can be costly long-term. It's projected that by 2030, freelancers will make up 50% of the US workforce. With the pandemic forcing remote work globally, 58% of non-freelancers have considered freelancing. Over 70% state they are open to freelancing due to being more productive working remotely.  

At Buzzzy, we're committed to being a platform developed by freelancers. We believe in a world that will shift to a majority freelancing. We know firsthand the quality freelancers can provide and the level of productivity they can deliver to move our business forward. Our core team of freelancers has been a great source in multiple projects, achieving our client's goals and exceeding their expectations. We aim to be a premier option in the freelance economy, where you'll ask yourself, "why not Buzzzy?"

We want to be the option for your freelance talent needs, and we've just launched our product to facilitate the hiring process for you. Whatever stage or reason you find works best for your business, we would love to collaborate with you. Get connected through our request form.

Image source: Edmond Dantès

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