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How to Make the Most of Freelancer Collaborations During a Labor Shortage

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Hiring freelancers can reduce the risks in labor shortage markets. As the world keeps changing, freelancing is here to stay. While individual hires of freelancers may seem like a short-term solution, the hiring process of freelancers is a useful long-term solution.

If you are looking for advice on how to make freelance collaboration work for you, continue reading to learn more.

Four tips to get the most out of your freelance collaborations:

1. Foster relationships

Get to know your freelancer as you would your new employees; after all, both need to understand your vision. You may want to draw from a freelancer's expertise in the future, and building rapport can get them to accept a future project. Involve them in your office culture like team meetings, social gatherings, have them meet key team members, and have regular check-ins. Like any employee that aims to fulfill your goals, taking a genuine interest in your freelancer can go a long way.

2. Set expectations

Establish early on the expectations you have of your freelancer, with a clear role and responsibilities. Make sure you have an outline of your needs and listen to freelance recommendations based on that. Many freelancer relationships may not work due to being asked to work on things outside the agreed scope of work. It is essential to stay consistent and ensure your team is aligned with the freelancer's role.

3. Create a feedback driven culture

Communication is vital for a successful relationship. With regular catch ups you open a space for feedback. Freelancers have worked with multiple clients and can offer advice on the right opportunities for your business. If you want to make the best of this collaboration, listen to them. It goes both ways, as you should also provide feedback as to the project's progress and workflow. Think about what has worked so far.

4. Stay connected

Once a project ends, find ways to remain connected to your freelancer. You should add them to the list of your network of freelancers. Check if there are any new opportunities for this freelancer, and if you want to keep on growing you can even ask them if there’s anything they think you can improve on.

We know building work relationships might take some time, that is why at Buzzzy, you can request to continue with a freelancer for an additional project or on a long-term basis.

How Buzzzy can help free you

Although we focused this article on a labor shortage market, you can be proactive on finding the best ways to collaborate with freelancers. The tips we discussed in this article can prepare you for any season businesses go through and help reduce the risk when these moments occur.

Taking your needs into consideration, at Buzzzy we improve freelance interactions from the start. Which is why our product sets out to promote collaboration, direct communication and ability to set expectations. If you are looking to get started with the right freelancer or freelance team for your business, search no more, submit a request and get started.

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